You are amazing and capable of anything. 

Has anyone recently told you that?


Have you recently told yourself that?


It's true, you really are.


If you choose to be and if you choose to believe it.




But it's easier said than done, right?


Well, I'm on a mission to change that.


Join me for a 5 day course where I'll be sharing the fundamentals of building a lasting positive mindset geared for unstoppable self-belief and success.

And the best bit? You'll only need 10 minutes a day!

This is your chance to truly begin your journey to create the success you've been dreaming of, and more!


  • Day 1:  Understanding your mindset and what impact it has on your life

  • Day 2:  Understanding the nature and science behind the Law of Attraction

  • Day 3:  How to let go of negative beliefs and learn what's holding you back

  • Day 4:  Learning to dream big and expect greatness in your life

  • Day 5:  Implementation - How to effectively and simply integrate positive mindset practises into your every day life as a busy mum

So, who's running this show?


Hi, I'm Suzy 👋

My fascination with the power of our thoughts, words and beliefs all begun when I launched my first business over 13 years ago.


I started with the basics like affirmations and a vision board and over the years I've developed all kinds of different methods, tips and tricks that have resulted in a life and businesses beyond my wildest dreams.

In today's chaotic world with so many so-called "experts" and "gurus" popping up every moment of the day, I really understand how hard it is to know who to listen to. I can ensure you I'm no flash in the pan, one hit wonder kinda lady.

In the last decade, I've launched (from scratch) 4 successful companies, with the 2 biggest since becoming a mum and military wife.

I'm passionately obsessed with my mission to empower and educate women just like you to build the life they truly want, to realise how amazing and strong they are, to rediscover their epic potential and all the amazing endeavours that they're capable of.


  • How is this different to your Success & Happiness Mindset Academy course?

    Think of this course as a condensed introduction version of our big Success & Happiness Mindset Academy. If you enjoy this course, you'll know that you'd really enjoy the bigger version. Plus if you decide you'd like to upgrade after this 5 day course, I'll give you the value of this course off the enrolment fee when you sign up to The Success & Happiness Mindset Academy. So you've got absolutely nothing to lose!

  • How much time does this course need?

    The course is broken down into 5 lessons, designed to be enjoyed once per day. Each lesson contains a video of around 10 minutes.

    The course had been designed to be completed in 5 days, though you're welcome to work through the content at your own pace.

  • I've never purchased an online course before, how does this all work?

    Once you've completed the super simple checkout, you'll receive an email with log in details for our Mothers of Enterprise Academy website. Once you've logged in you'll see the course and all its contents right there waiting for you. 

  • What if I don't like this course?

    I'm so very confident that you'll love what this course has to offer, but if you've taken a look around and realised that it's just not for you, you're welcome to contact me within 24 hours of purchase and I'll issue you a full refund.

  • Is this course mainly about the Law of Attraction?

    Not at all. We do talk about it, the evidence for it and how we can use it, but this course has so much more than just the Law of Attraction. Take a look at our course curriculum above for a full breakdown of the contents.

  • Seriously, £9? How good can this really be for that price?... how do I know you're not selling me 💩 on a stick?

    The short and simple answer is that I want the course to be accessible to as many as possible (whilst still actually running a business, so we of course, can't offer all our content for free, as many many months went into the creation of this course). I remember starting my businesses desperate for some help but I was priced out of all the high ticket programmes. With everything we do here at MoE, we never want price to be a barrier of entry in accessing support and knowledge. Plus, if you sign up, take a look around and don't like it - email me and I'll give you a full refund 🙂