Are you ready for a 6-figure business but feel stuck in a 5-figure grind?


You're in the right place!


Join me for a 12-week group coaching programme specifically designed to elevate your business from average to spectacular.

Before I dive into all the success inducing details, let's talk about who this programme is really for...

You're a pretty spectacular business owner (even if you don't fully realise that just yet), but you're working more than you'd ideally like to, and you feel like you're running out of steam...


You're ambitious and passionate about your business, but you feel stuck in 4-figure months even though you know your business can achieve so much more.


You're done with making things harder than they need to be, and you're ready elevate your business to the next level (hello consistent £10K+ months!) and achieve that impressive success with total joy, ease, fulfilment and confidence.


I'm here to tell you that you don't have to do #allthethings to be wildly successful. In fact, less is more.

It's time to stop looking at the other successful 6-figure+ businesses around you and wondering how on earth they do it, and start making your own enviable success.


It's time to build the foundations and structure in your business that allows for near-effortless growth as you know exactly which needle-pushing activities to focus on.


It's time to stop standing in your own way by doing what you think you're meant to be doing, and instead turn your business into a well-oiled cash machine that fuels your dream life.

A 12-week live group coaching programme for female entrepreneurs ready to soar to new heights of income and success, all while raising a family.


Together we'll unlock abundant potential in you and your business, and create streamlined systems so you earn and achieve more but with total ease and absolutely no hustle in sight.


The 6-Figure Academy is a myth busting, no fluff approach coaching experience uniquely designed with the perfect combination of mindset uplevelling and proven strategy implementation, so you get all the results while being totally present for your family, and yourself.

Inside The 6-Figure Academy

  • 12 weeks of daily business support

    No more guessing your way to success! You'll have daily access to me to ask any questions as you execute your new strategies.

  • Unrivalled mindset development

    It's time to move up from employee to CEO, and unlock limitless potential and abundance in all aspects of your life, especially your bank account!

  • Next level marketing strategies

    Outside the box thinking to create marketing & visibility strategies you and your customers will LOVE, and will have them banging down the virtual doors to work with you. 

  • Weekly coaching calls

    Weekly group coaching calls for personalised coaching and support. This is your space to ask anything, get feedback and grow into the CEO you're destined to be.

  • Private 'students only' forum

    Chat to me and your fellow 6-figure ladies as you build your dream business for on tap support, motivation and accountability.

  • Tech support

    I LOVE tech, I mean really really love it. So in this programme between my tech and your soon to learn "scrappy-ness", tech headaches can jog on! So say hello to 'automation' and good bye to complication!

It's time to scale, and make wealthy your new identity

"Stop thinking about it and just do it!


There is only so much you can Google and only so many free courses you can consume, but nothing will beat working with a coach who's been through it all, many times! 

Coaching with Suzy has literally changed my life! Not only because I have gone from redundancy to fully booked in my business (in less than 6 months!) but because she doesn't just focus on business, she also helps you focus on your mindset and daily routine so you have the life and business that you have always dreamed of.”

Emily Thompson, Socially Styled

The work we'll be doing together...

  • Deep dive into money mindset and personal beliefs around success and being wealthy

  • The art of mastering your pricing to make sure you’re charging effectively for the value you offer

  • Together we'll review your systems and strategies to streamline your business into a well-oiled machine

  • Review and refine customer/client journey and turn it up a few notches to help new leads become happy clients 

  • Create a client/customer acquisition strategy that works on auto-pilot (hello new leads while you sleep!)

  • Deep dive into your messaging to feed the client acquisition strategy by creating magnetising content your ideal client deeply resonates with 

  • Research, design and implement a high value giving, money making funnel so you're not only attracting new leads on autopilot, but they're actually paying for themselves!

  • Massive accountability and just the right amount of loving pressure to get these money-making, business growing foundations perfectly built in your business.⁠

I've been where you are right now...


I know the excitement, fear and hard work that goes into starting and growing a successful business from my own 14 years as an entrepreneur and spending the last 3 years supporting others to achieve the same.

After over a decade building 4 successful businesses and working with hundreds of women, I can confidently say that it’s possible to have it all, and feel amazing in the process.


I know this because I'm enjoying 5 figure months while only working the limited hours I choose... a dream I never thought possible until I learnt the art of productivity, mindset and solid business strategy, all of which I'm going to teach you in

The 6-Figure Academy.

Enrol in The 6-Figure Academy


Offer ends May 22nd



Juggling motherhood with building a successful business doesn't need to feel like such a struggle, and you don’t need to choose between success and being present for your family, it really is possible to have it all!

The 6-Figure Academy is built on my Purpose, Profit & Growth® framework.


Together in 12 weeks we'll work through these modules to ensure you're building a 6-figure business that's purpose driven, highly profitable and growth focused.

  • MODULE 1

    Unlock your wealthy mindset & learn the art of cultivating stretch goals that ignite your passion and vision

  • MODULE 2

    Create a product suite that serves your clients as much as it serves you

  • MODULE 3

    Build streamlined systems that can support a growing 6-figure business

  • MODULE 4

    Develop a client acquisition strategy and systems to attract your ideal clients

  • MODULE 5

    Learn the art of converting leads into clients, and feel unstoppably confident selling what you offer

  • MODULE 6

    Crafting a magnetic message to fuel your content, and feed into your client acquisition system

  • MODULE 7

    Review your brand, website and content to ensure it's perfectly aligned with your mission and new strategies

  • MODULE 8

    Design a magical lead generation system that works on auto pilot, and pays for itself! Yes, free hot ideal leads!

The 6-Figure Academy will give you the tools, strategy, systems, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to creating a wildly successful business that works FOR you, and not the other way around.

Whether you're...

  • just starting out in business, you've got the foundations laid and you're making sales/booking clients but you're ready to grow and you don't want to waste years stumbling your way to 6-figures

  • a few months into your business and you're enjoying decent 4-figure months but you're ready to take it well beyond that. You're tired of trying 'all the things' to make it work, what you need now is help creating clear strategies designed for YOU and YOUR business

  • years into your business enjoying consistent income but growing and scaling is just a constant struggle. You're ready to take your success seriously and set up solid foundations that will allow you to reap the rewards of all your hard work and scale with ease for years to come

The 6-Figure Academy is your new favourite place that's going to truly revolutionise your business and income!



I decided to work with Suzy because I knew she could take me from being a business owner to becoming a successful business owner. Her experience as an entrepreneur and her relatable approach to coaching elevates you to a place where you think clearer; you make smarter decisions, and you take action in areas of your life and business that you wouldn't have before.

Suzy's belief in you is infectious. I leave every session with her feeling empowered and ready to take the next step, and if I have a wobble, she is there to lift me back up again. I have seen changes in myself, and my business that I genuinely feel wouldn't have happened without Suzy's encouragement, advice and expertise.


Working with Suzy has been one of the best decisions I could have made.

Her business expertise are second-to-none, and in terms of metrics, the results speak for themselves: after just 2 months working with her, my client base has increased, my revenue has more than tripled, and I am now booked up until next year.


However, what is perhaps more amazing is the change in my mindset. Thanks to Suzy, I feel more confident, positive and focused – life just feels better

Having Suzy as my coach has undoubtedly had an incredible impact on my business and my life. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her.


Suzy really is amazing - so positive and full of amazing advice and ideas. I quickly went from a "sort of business" to having a really clear idea of how it was all going to work and what I needed to do. For me it was exactly what I needed.

Working with Suzy has been incredibly motivational and inspiring for both me and my business.

When I first started working with Suzy I was floundering about trying to make my business work, but over the past few months, Suzy has supported me to get clear direction and helped me create a business I am proud of. I look forward to every phone coaching session, as I know I will leave feeling full of confidence that I can achieve my goals whatever life throws at me!



By the end of my first call with Suzy, my instinct was shouting that working with her would be an absolutely brilliant idea! I liked EVERYTHING about her and after 4 months of having her as my coach, I am thrilled to inform you that my instinct was right!


I needed help, guidance and support with creating my new business and Suzy was (and still is) the coach for me!

She is there for me to share her invaluable knowledge and experience, to make me feel good and proud about the things I accomplish and all the efforts I make, to remind me of my value, to help me shift my mindset and much more. Keep in mind that she does all that in an enjoyable and fun way by using her great sense of humour!

You will be amazed at what you can accomplish when Suzy is your coach! I certainly am!

What makes The 6-Figure Academy unique?

It's built on what you and your business REALLY needs to grow in a way that's sustainable, enjoyable and scalable.


It's not just another programme or course that simply puts more on your to-do list, and adds to your already mounting overwhelm.


It's not another cookie cutter programme that will force you into one direction because the coach running the show has limited business experience of what's worked only for her business.


Yes, it's group coaching, yes, we'll follow a structure to ensure you achieve the objectives of this programme, but everything will be tailored to best suit you and your business.

Just for a second, imagine...

  • Creating your own version of success that works so damn well for you that growing your business becomes your new favourite pastime

  • LOVING sales, and I mean wholeheartedly adoring them! Because you know that when you sell, your beautiful client buys - it really can be that simple and unbelievably enjoyable, I promise!

  • Fully embodying your ultimate version of yourself as the CEO of your thriving business

  • Total confidence that all your marketing and visibility strategies are finely tuned to attract leads who can't wait to work with you

  • Knowing that your entire business is designed to attract, serve, delight (or straight up WOW), and convert your beloved people into adored paying clients

  • Feeling out of this world, deep in your soul, heart overflowingly (let's pretend that's a word) abundant in all areas of your life, but especially in your bank account

That's exactly what you're going to achieve in

The 6-Figure Academy

Enrol in The 6-Figure Academy

today at the EARLY BIRD OFFER!

The early bird offer ends Friday 21st of May at midnight, when the investment will increase 15%

Qs for your As...

How's this all going to work? When will the coaching sessions be?

This programme contains a lot which I find a little overwhelming, how can I be sure I can do this?

Do I need any existing tech skills to pull this programme off?

Life feels so crazy and uncertain right now, I'm worried that if I enrol I won't be able to keep up!

Will you be running The 6-Figure Academy again?

I'm new to the online business space, will this programme be too advance for me?

I cannot wait to guide you through the next 12 weeks...

Building my own successful businesses that works for me and my family has literally transformed my life.


I've experienced firsthand what it feels like to be drowning in stress and overwhelm with the relentless struggle trying to make a business work around the demands of being a mum.


Building a business that is not only financially successful, but also feels amazing to run and brings you so much joy is my speciality!


I know what a dream it can feel like to be at the helm of a high profit and highly impactful business that feels absolutely amazing to run and allows you to be present for your kids.


More than anything, I want to share that experience with you.


Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that these next 12 weeks will be completely and utterly life changing for you and your family.


I look forward to meeting you personally inside The 6-Figure Academy,


Much love,

If you want to do your research as to who exactly I am, you can be as nosey as you wish right here

Enrol in The 6-Figure Academy

today at the EARLY BIRD OFFER!

Are those mindset gremlins filling your head with a flood of objections right now?

​We're going to shatter every single one of them so you can finally get on with building your dream business which serves your best life.


If you're thinking "I'm not sure if I'm ready to invest this much" here's your reminder that you are a CEO of a soon to be 6-figure empire.


This is a business investment to make your business more streamlined, efficient and profitable.


This programme is also designed to set you up for a massive return on your investment, making it hands down one of the best places your beautiful money can go.


It's time to stop simply adding more to your plate.


More hustle, more courses, more "latest guru secrets" isn't going to cut it anymore (if it ever really did).


It's time to take what works, strip away what doesn't and amplify your business to a whole new level of success, joy, freedom and income.


Are you ready?

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