Join me for a live coaching session where I'll be uncovering simple yet highly effective goal setting techniques, that are proven to help you achieve your dreams with less stress and more ease.



  • How to know exactly what you want

  • 7 goal setting hacks

  • The importance of mindset

  • NLP goal writing technique to help get your subconscious on board with your goals

  • How to reverse engineer your goals to create simple and EXCITING action plans

  • Tips on keeping yourself on track to achieving what you want

  • Q&A at the end of the lesson and a 2nd live coaching session 2 weeks later to ensure you have all the support you need... all included in the price.


I want to do all I can to ensure that you walk away from this Success Masterclass with all the tools you need to conquer and achieve your dreams.


Which is why I've created these little extras for you.

Mindset Maker

Goal planning without the correct mindset to go along with it = struggle.

With some simple hacks that you can implement into your busy day seamlessly, you can ensure your mind and your goals are aligned and forging forward to success!

90 Day Goal Planner

A perfectly planned out planner that breaks down your goal and gets you into action! This printable will remind yourself of your goals and ensure you stick with it!

Monthly Progress Review

If something's not working, your action plan needs some tweaking. By looking back at your progress regularly, you're ensuring you're doing the right things to move you in the right direction.


  • 1. If I sign up, how does this all work?

    Once you've registered and completed checkout, you'll receive an email with login details for my Mothers of Enterprise Academy. Once logged in, you'll see this class video, audio, slides and all the bonuses right there waiting for you.

  • 2. Can I watch/listen in my own time?

    Absolutely. Once you've purchased this masterclass it's yours forever along with all the bonuses.

  • 3. What if I sign up and don't like it?

    Well, I'm happy to say that in the history of MoE we've not had one refund request, but I get it, sometimes things just aren't a good fit. So if you sign up, attend the session but feel it wasn't what you wanted, simply email us at info@mothersofenterprise.com and we'll give you your money back, no problem at all.

  • 4. How long are the sessions?

    We'll always aim for between 30-40minutes. If you know MoE, we know we don't mess around and bulk up our content with unnecessary filler! We get straight to the point as quickly as possible to deliver you actionable training of the highest quality, always.

So, who's teaching this class?

Hi, I'm Suzy (👋) and in today's chaotic world with so many so-called "experts" and "gurus" popping up every moment of the day, I really understand how hard it is to know who to listen to. 


I can ensure you I'm no flash in the pan, one hit wonder kinda lady.


In the last decade, I've launched (from scratch) 4 successful companies, with the 2 biggest since becoming a mum and military wife. 

Whilst I'll be the first to admit that I don't know everything, I have experienced and learnt a lot in the last 13 years. I'm passionately obsessed with my mission to empower and educate women just like you to build the life they truly want, to realise how amazing and strong they are, to rediscover their epic potential and all the amazing endeavours that they're capable of.  

If you're nosy like me, you can read the full story behind Mothers of Enterprise right here.